​​​​​​​7,5mm element is in its 7 version where we constantly is trying to change the element's performance, angles and more. Today we have a well-functioning pump element that will give you the fuel to over 500Hp in a OM606, and still have a good driveability of the car.
The 7.5mm upgrade is by far the most common option.

8,0mm is more designed for racing and drifting, with its special design that delivers the fuel pump elements with an even and smooth variation of up to about 230CC max. 
In case this is not enough we also have the 80LF element from acouple of years ago. 
This element gives max at about 250CC 
IMG 5653IMG 5653
IMG 5653


The pump is dismantled into pieces, washed and cleaned. then begin reassembly. New pump elements mounted.
Delivery valves, bearings, bushings in the govenor weight package with more is replaced if nessesary, this is all included in the price.

New Bosch gaskets ensures that the pump is free from leaks. Then the pump is synchronized with the new elements, ensuring that the firing sequence is exact. MAX tolerance of 0.5 degree accepted.
Governor gets modified and the pump is calibrated in the Bosch test bench for optimal function.
Price of a 7,5 or 8,0mm pump is 11500: - SEK including VAT, if you have a pump to provide to us for rebuilding. Shipping will be added.

We can ofthen also supply complete pumps without you sending a pump to us for overhaul and upgrade. Price is not set, so send us an email for current pricing.  

Dieselmeken AB provides a lifetime warranty on race pumps, something that makes us unique in this context.
IMG 0123 1333IMG 0123 1333
IMG 0123 1333

ALDA / Smokelimiter

We have two different types of smoke limiter or ALDA, one horisontal and one vertical, manufactured in 3 mm Stainless Steel, water cut and bent in precision machinery ensures high quality.

You decide which ALDA you want but the horizontal ALDA is the default option. 
The horizontal alda will fit all applications where a standard intake is used.
The vertical alda fits in most cases but for example, on some G-wagons with OM60X engines the original engine mount is very close to the underneath of the pump. in these cases the horizontal ALDA is prefered. 

On the ALDAs there is 2 adjustingscrews that allow you to easily adjust fuel without boostpressure and the maximum fuel when boostpressure is present. 
With the outside aldakit you dont need to disassemble the pump to be able to adjust the fueling, this makes it easy to optimize the fuel so that you get the most out of your engine.