We offer overhaul and repair for most of the types of diesel systems, for all kind of engines. We offer repair and overhaul for Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Zexel, Siemens, Stanadyne and Yanmar

For the conventional injectionpumps like inline and rotary style pumps, we have 4 different types of test benches to be able to offer the best service for your brand of injectionpump. 

For common-rail systems, we have three different test benches, first two is for injector testing alone, one Bosch EPS200 and a Hartridge Sabre CRi expert. Then we also have one EPS708 Bosch testbench for common-rail pumps and injectors testing. 

Through our cooperation with many different suppliers in the Europe nation, we also offer a quick solution to exchange units such as CR injectors, diesel pumps and more.
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IMG 5222